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In the year 2015, one of the largest communications companies in the world with a contract with one of the military establishments in the region required over 27 personnel to be brought under the sponsor program of Kuwait. 

While the challenges were immense, the team at Class worked closely with the incumbent sponsor, the global entity and local authorities to facilitate quick visa processing which included drawing up employee contracts, medical documentation and visa stamping and of course access on base for the personnel. 

The exercise was completed within a 30 day period ensuring that the prime contractor was not put in an awkward position with their client. 

Class then went on to provide basic amenities such as housing and transportation for the badged personnel. 

In 2013, Class Worldwide won a contract for transportation of personnel from and to a defense installation within the UAE. The contract mandated over 70 vehicles and over 100 personnel to be deployed within a period of 2 weeks. 

As a part of a rapid deployment exercise, Class set up two separate task forces - one that would procure the vehicles and another that would recruit / reassign the personnel required to fulfill contractual obligations. The requirements were tracked and monitored on a daily basis to ensure that training imparted to the personnel was being followed. 

The project is managed by Project Manager with 2 Supervisors with the support of a Maintenance Officer and a Personnel Officer. 

In 2016, Class was contracted to have a complete operational camp of a military command based at Al Minhad AB, Dubai UAE. While the contract stipulated 60 days for the complete move, Class was faced with a peculiar challenge. 

The command needed to be fully operational on the new camp site within 40 days as there was a deadline to vacate the old premises. 

The Class machinery kicked into full gear and deployed separate teams for the laying of the surface (grading, compaction, asphalting), setting up of pipelines (Electrical, Water, Sewage, Comms) and movement of 23 portable office buildings. 

The area was fully operational on the 38th day and the Class team received a personal commendation from the military command.